Tallinn Digital Summit is where the frontrunners of digital nations drive the global conversation on digitalization.

Over the course of a day political leaders, policy innovators, thought-leaders, entrepreneurs and tech-community spotlight the most topical matters of digital transformation and tackle questions about its implications on economies, societies and governments. TDS is an annual meeting place for enhancing practical sharing of ideas and lessons to chase the opportunities of digital transformation for economy, e-governance development as well as societies. Also, to shape a more coherent approach to challenges brought by digital transformation.

Being one of the most digitally advanced countries, Estonia is an ideal location for the event. It has significant experience in building a digital society and economy, having built its digital core on secure distributed architecture. The country is also an outsized creator and exporter of startups, and possesses considerable cybersecurity expertise. Tallinn also hosts the HQ of NATO Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and the European Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems.

Please note that this is an invite-only meeting and requires accreditation.


Prime Minister Ratas' welcome

The fourth industrial revolution is still in beta. Yet, machines already perform at near-human ability. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are advancing at great speed. Image and speech recognition and self-driving vehicles are just the beginning. Artificial intelligence’s potential for both incredible benefits as well as havoc occupies some of the world’s top minds. Policymakers shouldn’t be far behind. It would be a grave mistake to watch the future unpack itself and react after the fact. Too many technological, ethical, and regulatory dilemmas await our attention.

Jüri Ratas, PM

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas

Let’s tackle these challenges. We must not only be present at the global conversation on the implications of digital economies and societies. We must help drive it. We must also decide upon a vision of the future we wish to see, and then represent it in a clear, considered voice — and policies. For these reasons, I want to initiate the Tallinn Digital Summit. I see it as a regular meeting of Heads of State / Heads of Government along with leaders and innovators from the tech trenches.

I envision the Summit as a free and open exchange of views on technological progress. I’m a big believer in bringing policymakers, the tech community, and influential thinkers under one roof, to ponder the direction of our region, and our civilisation.

If we do it right, we’ll gain insights and hammer out ideas to take home — as inputs for policies, projects, joint initiatives, better regulations and so on. We can share and learn from our mistakes, lend, borrow, and build upon our achievements.

Jüri Ratas
Prime Minister of Estonia


TDS 2018

Tallinn Digital Summit 2018 took place on 15-16 October 2018. The focus of the summit was on how artificial intelligence and free-moving data can be wielded in the service of our digital states, economies and societies. Read more


TDS 2017

The first Tallinn Digital Summit was held in September 2017 among the HoSG of the 28 European Union member states as part of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU. It succeeded in establishing a much needed highest political level debate on the digital future of governments and society within EU. The participating governmental leaders stressed the need to keep digital topics on the agendas of the HoSG, to ensure fast enough progress that also would be balanced. Read more