Trust & Security: building trust for use of AI by law enforcement

Machine learning, an application of AI, promises to support law enforcement to more effectively and efficiently identify persons of interest, stolen vehicles or suspicious sounds and behaviour; predict trends in criminality or terrorist action; track illicit money flows; and flag and respond to terrorist use of the internet. Its use by law enforcement is not, however, without controversy and very real and serious human rights concerns have been raised that can damage and undermine the trust placed in law enforcement by the community.

Facilitated by UNICRI and Interpol.


Irakli Beridze

Irakli Beridze

Head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

Eleanor Hobley

Eleanor Hobley 

Head of Research


Steffen Ousdal Interpol

Steffen Ousdal

Head of Adaptive Policing Lab

INTERPOL’s Innovation Centre Directorate

Bente Skattør

Bente Skattør

Senior Advisor ICT in the department of business governance

Oslo Police District

N. Smuha 6264 (003)

Nathalie Smuha

Assistant Lecturer & Researcher

KU Leuven Faculty of Law