McKinsey Global Institute and Tallinn Digital Summit launch a web site

McKinsey Global Institute and Tallinn Digital Summit have launched a designated website that presents extracts from MGI research on AI’s impact on economy and work presented at Tallinn Digital Summit 2018.

It presents McKinsey’s research data on AI’s net impact on economies and explores different channels by which AI could impact the economy.

As countries demonstrate different levels of readiness for AI, McKinsey has ranked them across the globe as active global leaders, economies with strong comparative strengths, economies with moderate foundations or economies that need to strengthen foundations. See where your country stands.

The research is also looking at the activities (not jobs) workers do in the economy. Certain categories are more susceptible to automation than others. McKinsey also researched employment growth and decline by occupation, and change in labor demand. See what jobs will grow and what will decline in your country by 2030.

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