Panel: Creating a Cyber-Secure Society Through Secure-by-Design Technology: The Steps to Be Taken for Ensuring the Security of the Products and Services and Their Coherence Globally

Black Box stage

Uroš Svete

Director of the Information Security Administration


Jennifer Bachus

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy

Department of State, USA

Amy Hogan-Burney

General Manager of Cybersecurity Policy & Protection


Liisa Past

National Cyber Director

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia

By 2030, the number of connected devices is expected to triple, yet the level of cyber-security in these devices remains highly variable and often overlooked by manufacturers and consumers alike. This vulnerability poses a significant risk, leading to cybersecurity incidents that target both large organizations and individuals. Global policymakers are actively discussing strategies to enhance the resilience of industrial systems that support critical infrastructure.

Key questions arise: Should the responsibility for product security shift from consumers to manufacturers? How can each actor in the supply chain effectively contribute to mitigating cyber risks? What measures should be implemented to enhance the cyber-security of products and services in the global market? How should responsibility be allocated or shared? And what roles should producers and state regulators play in this endeavour?

Panel is moderated by Ms Liisa Past – National Cyber Security Director – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia.