Panel: Global Gateway

Cauldron stage

Dr Julia A. Glidden.

Board Chair


David Koh Tee Hian

Commissioner of Cybersecurity and the founding Chief Executive

Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore

Pedro Lopes

The Secretary of State for the Digital Economy

Cabo Verde

Wolfgang Schläger

Head of EU Representative Office


David Ringrose

Head of Division

European External Action Service

Private sector engagement and expertise play a crucial role in addressing the global investment gap in transformative infrastructure. However, large-scale infrastructure projects often face challenges such as project failures, cost overruns, and unmet public expectations. The integration of physical and digital elements in modern infrastructure further complicates matters. To bridge the digital divide, the EU’s comprehensive Global Gateway initiative focuses on providing partner countries with smart, sustainable, and secure investments in high-quality infrastructure, while upholding environmental and social standards. Public-private partnerships are key to implementing Global Gateway projects, bringing together the capital and expertise of EU institutions, member states, and businesses.

How has private sector involvement in Global Gateway taken off thus far? What are the lessons learned for policymakers in realizing successful public-private partnerships? How do businesses see the Global Gateway initiative and their role in it? How to make the best use of the Global Gateway’s Communication Strategy and Business Advisory Group to get businesses, financing institutions and policy-makers behind the same table?

Panel is moderated by David Ringrose.