Panel: Rethinking and Reshaping Resilience

Black Box stage

Sandra Joyce

Vice President

MANDIANT Intelligence, Google Cloud

Valeriya Ionan

Deputy Minister for Eurointegration

Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Margus Tsahkna

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Robert Oliphant

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs


Lieutenant General Vincent Cousin

Deputy Secretary General for Defense And National Security


Gideon Lichfield



Russia’s war in Ukraine has had a profound impact on European security and our understanding of cyberspace. The bombing of data centres has shifted the focus of cybersecurity from a technical concern to a matter of physical security. Additionally, climate change and natural disasters can wreak havoc on our digital infrastructure, while ransomware attacks pose immediate threats to critical systems. Not only do we face conventional cyber threats, but also the rise of hackers and activist groups. These challenges prompt us to re-evaluate the resilience of our digital societies and prepare for future crises. This block aims to address key issues such as lessons learned from past crises, translating identified lessons into actionable knowledge, aligning our understanding of challenges, managing expectations in public-private partnerships, considering policy changes, and integrating new technology in a digitally divided world.

Lessons learned – digital takeaways. How has Russia’s hostile war provoked extremely rapid digital development and changes? How to manage and secure data during wartime – is this a boost for data embassies or a kick-start for cloud-based national services? How to find a balance between the security and transparency of storing the data of citizens? How can the expansion of transformative technologies be used for the reconstruction of societies after war or major crises in the 21st century? Are lessons from Ukraine relevant to all of us?

Panel is moderated by Gideon Lichfield, Editor-in-Chief of WIRED.