TDS 2021 will take place on 7 September

This year’s Tallinn Digital Summit will continue the already established conversations for the previous Summit and will mix it with Three Seas Initiative to deliver a global policy relevant discussion under the theme Trust-based connectivity. It is a push to connect trust and open the world into new levels of quality.

Key topics of Tallinn Digital Summit 2021 will be:

  • Building Global Trust: The global pandemic has raised the sense of urgency for having baseline trust between different governments. 
  • Smart Connectivity: We need connectivity of digital components across key infrastructure and link it with digital platforms and services in an interoperable way.
  • Enabling Interoperability: We aim to support new technologies, business models and linked infrastructure. 

The Summit sessions will take place in a hybrid format on 7 September at Tallinn Creative Hub. The opening speech will be given by the Estonian Prime Minister, followed by keynote speeches and a plenary session of government leaders. There will be case studies and parallel discussions that bring together innovation, business, and public policy.

The summit is an informal invite-only meeting for policymakers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and tech leaders.