Welcome to the Tallinn Creative Hub!

Organisers of the Tallinn Digital Summit will do everything in their power to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. Free face masks, hand sanitizing stations and rapid tests will be available on site. We cooperate with the Estonian Health Board and follow closely their guidelines. Latest information issued by the Estonian Government regarding COVID-19 pandemic is available and regularly updated at

Please be aware:

Access to the dinner and to the conference venue is not permitted for anybody who has been exposed to any individual with COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to the visit.

Access to the dinner and to the conference venue will be denied to persons with any of the following symptoms:
– Fever higher than 38° Celsius
– Coughing
– Breathing difficulties
– Sneezing
– Sore throat

All participants to the Tallinn Digital Summit are recommended to have received a COVID-19 vaccine to maximize protection.

The venue

The Tallinn Digital Summit will be held at the Tallinn Creative Hub (Tallinna Kultuurikatel, Põhja puiestee 27a, 10415 Tallinn) on 7 September. The venue is situated in the city center near the port and is easily accessible to both personal and public transport.

Historically, the building was the Tallinn City Central Power Station, which operated from 1913 until 1979. The limestone building that now houses the Tallinn Creative Hub used to be the power station’s boiler room, completed in 1934. The brick chimney located on the grounds of the Creative Hub was erected in 1948 and was the tallest in the Baltic States at the time, rising to a height of 102.5 metres.

Tallinn Creative Hub

Tallinn Creative Hub. Photo by: Kaupo Kalda

Nowadays it is a creative centre, which hosts a variety of creative industry companies, cultural events, conferences, etc.

On 7 September, all guests and participants are welcome to use the main entrance to the building. Further instructions about the location of different stages can be found inside. Visitors to the Creative Hub can use the paid parking around Linnahall. Additional information available HERE

See you at the Tallinn Creative Hub!